Arfon 6 Training In-house Courses

Arfon 6 Training In-house Courses
We currently provide a number of in-house courses on a fixed fee basis (please see our Fees for In-house Training page for details) and offer a discounted rate for Registered Charities and additional discounts for organisations that primarily operate with selected client groups and service users.

We can work with you to discuss your requirements and recommend how your organisation and conduct a no obligation training needs analysis to ensure your return on training expenditure delivers the maximum return to your organisation.

We have extensive experience of delivering bespoke training to Government Departments, Local Authorities, Registered Social Landlords and organisations that deal with domestic violence, homelessness, disability and equality issues.

If you require any further information or wish to discuss any aspect of the services we can deliver including, consultancy services or in-house and/or open courses please feel free to contact us on tel: 07734213773, email: or using the contact form on this site.

Standard In-house Course Options (please note we can adjust any course to specifically meet your orgaisations needs):

Fraud and Counter Fraud Courses:

> Introduction to Fraud Awareness
> Introducing and Implementing a Fraud Strategy
> Identity Fraud and Identity Theft
> Investigative Interviewing
> Fraud Investigation
> Conducting Disciplinary Interviews and Investigations
> Corporate Governance: Roles and Responsibilities
> How to Prevent or Reduce the Risk from Fraud
> Tenancy Fraud

If the Fraud topic that your organisation requires is not listed please contact us to discuss how a we can design a bespoke training event for you. We also have considerable experience of delivering short Fraud Awareness Sessions to groups for organisation with over 500 staff. We also provide consultancy services related to fraud and counter fraud to organisations as required.

Housing Management Courses:

> Eligible Service Charges
> Service Charges
> Debt Counselling and Advice
> Rent Arrears Management including recovery
> Rent Setting
> Tenancy Fraud
> Conducting Face to Face Interviews
> Lone Working

If the topic you require is not listed please contact to discuss how we can develop a course that suits your requirements. Please note that we do not deliver technical housing courses such as condensation management or course related to property repairs or meeting gas safety regulations.

Welfare Benefit/Credits Courses:

We provide training in the complete spectrum of welfare benefits and credits along with over pay ments, disputes and appeals. Please contact us with your organisations requirements and we will work with you to develop the course that your organisation requires.

Standard courses that we deliver include:

> Introduction to Welfare Benefits/Credits
> Benefits/Credits for Young People
> Benefits/Credits for Older Persons
> Benefits/Credits for People with a Disability and Carers
> Benefits/Credits for People On Low Incomes
> Benefits/Credits for People Unable to Work
> Benefits/Credits for the Unemployed
> Benefits/Credits Mental Health Special Rules
> Disputes and Appeals
> Over-payments
> Challenging PIP/AA Decisions

Due to the vast number of welfare benefit/credits in operation we have only listed a selected number of the courses that we can offer. If the topic you require is not listed please contact to discuss how we can develop a course that suits your requirements.